1st Frozen Embryo Transfer Attempt

We started the year off with a trip to Bermuda at the beginning of January. It was the first vacation my husband and I had gone on together since our honeymoon (5 years ago!). Before we attempted another try at making the baby thing work, we both needed to get away and reconnect. My only requirement for a vacation destination, was somewhere where we could snorkel. It was hard finding a spot that wasn’t in Europe ($$$) that wasn’t on the Zika virus warning list. We found Bermuda. We had a wonderful time there… but I’ll tell more about that in another post.

My point is that we needed to unplug, unwind, reconnect with eachother, before we even attempted to get back on this crazy rollercoaster called fertility treatments!

In March, 2018 we were finally ready. We had one frozen embryo from our 2nd attempt at IVF.

The doctor had me start on estradol pills, taken vaginally, 3 times daily in order to thicken up my uterus lining to hopefully create a cozy nest for our little embryo (aka for implantation). I continued this for about 2.5 weeks until my first ultrasound, but my lining wasn’t thick enough – it measured at around 6.7 mm, but they want it closer to 8 mm. So I was instructed to continue with the vagina pills (as I call them) and return in a week for another ultrasound to see the progress.

One week later, we returned to the clinic for a second ultrasound. This time, to our dismay, my uterus lining had actually decreased in thickness! It was measuring now at around 6.4 mm. The doctor instructed us that this cycle would have to be cancelled.

We were so disappointed! But the thing I was most pissed off about, was that I had been taking these dam annoying vagina pills, every 8 hours, for over 3 weeks now, with nothing to show for it! And now I would have to start all over again for another attempt at having a baby.

I must admit something to you. Thinking back to our 2nd attempt at IVF, we had then transferred the two “best quality” embryos and frozen the third, which wasn’t as good quality as the two had transferred. So all throughout this attempt at FET, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “If neither one of those two “best quality” embryos implanted last time, what are the chances this third best embryo will?” I honestly didn’t expect much to come from this attempt. I did think that we would at least get to transfer this 3rd best embryo. But we didn’t even get to that stage! I told my thoughts to our doctor at our next appointment after this cancelled cycle, and said to me, “Don’t disguard this embryo just yet! I have a close friend who recently gave birth to a healthy baby and their embryo was the exact same quality at yours!” This really gave me hope, make me realize not to give-up on this little embryo! Life has been created with the same quality embryo! It got me pumped and motivated to try again… More on our next attempt in the next post!