Girl, Wash Your Face

Today is the beginning of a new me. It’s already the beginning of February and I have decided that it’s time I stop wasting time and get my butt into action. Stop making excuses and make that change I’ve been longing for, but continuously put off, saying, “I’ll start tomorrow…”

I just finished reading a great book by Rachel Hollis called, Girl, Wash Your Face.

Girl, Wash Your Face
by Rachel Hollis

I loved it. I love how it’s written, with honesty and kick you in the butt truth. I’ve never actually heard of Miss Hollis before reading this book, even though she reaches thousands, wait no… millions of women across the globe with her award-winning women’s lifestyle blog, The Chic Site.

I was recommended this book by a dear friend while walking by a display of books in the center aisle of Walmart one afternoon as we took a little break from our computers at work. It was almost by fate we came across this book and my friend asked if I had heard of it. “I think you’d like it” she said. She told me that every chapter is a based on a different lie that we’re told to believe and each lie is then demystified with the authors own stories and lessons learned from her life experiences. It was on sale, so I decided to check it out and I grabbed myself a copy.

Well… let me tell you this… Rachel is a bad ass (in the most awesome way), she’s genuine, unapologetic and says it as it is. She has reignited a fire inside of me that I so need right now.

I’m preparing to go into my 3rd IVF cycle. I’ve started taking DHEA hormone pills 3x daily which I have to take for at least 3 months prior to my next IVF attempt. It’s a male hormone produced by the adrenal glands and ovaries.

The hormone helps prime cells for implantation, a vital stage in early pregnancy when a fertilised egg attaches to the womb lining, the study suggests.

I started the pills mid-December, which would take us to mid-March to begin the next attempt at IVF. This timeline brings with it many different emotions for me. I’m excited, pumped, ready to jump right in – I got this! Then again, oh shit! This means I have to begin injections again, daily injections into my stomach, piercing my sensitive skin under the belly button area multiple times in the morning and at night – urg! Just thinking of it makes my skin shiver… my poor belly. What if it doesn’t work? Again!

Reading Rachels book has given me the permission to be excited and take control of how I deal with this situation. I cannot control the fact that I must go through IVF in order to conceive a child. It is not my fault that my tubes were screwed and had to be removed – and without those, there no way without science that Tom’s sperm can reach my eggs (my depleting eggs).

I choose to kick ass at this next IVF cycle.
I choose to be strong and take those injections like a champ.
I choose to be an inspiration to myself and others going through this crazy journey.

Watch out world! I am strong and will not let this define me – it will only make me stronger.

I have goals that I need to write out for these upcoming few weeks to really get my mind and body ready to take on this next challenge. Let me get these down to paper and I will share with you shortly. You will be my cheerleader, my supporter, my outlet. Thank you for that.

Until then (my next post), grab yourself a copy of Girl, Wash Your Face and enjoy! I hope you love it as much as I have.

Ala xoxo