Our 2nd Attempt at IVF

I was finally ready to try again. I felt emotionally ready to go through this again.

Our 2nd IVF attempt happened in October/November 2017. Our doctors decided that we should try the same protocol again since I reacted how they expected to the hormone stimulations.

I continued going to my weekly meditation classes, and doing daily meditations on my own in the morning and before bed everyday. I would visualize my egg follicles growing, and lots of them during the daily injections. Then after the egg retrieval, I visualized the eggs being fertilized and growing into strong embryos in the lab. Then I would visualize the embryo’s we transferred attaching and implanting into my uterus and continuing to grow. I would visualize holding my baby once born and he/she crawling around our living room.

I cut myself off from all social media and just concentrated on myself and keeping my head and heart full of possibilities and love. We didn’t actually share that we were going through another IVF attempt with anyone, except close family and a few friends. For this attempt, it was exactly what I needed to do to get through it. I felt at peace throughout all the injections, ultrasounds, retrieval, transfer, etc…

Our 2nd IVF attempt went like this:

Started on the Lupron injections, twice a day at 6:30am and 6:30pm.

Day 3 added two more injections – Luveris and Gonal F in the evening. Continuing with Lupron twice daily

12 Days of 4 injections a day.

Trigger Shot

Egg retrieval – this time we got 7 eggs, 6 mature, 5 fertilized (opposed to 4 last time), 4 survived at the day of embryo transfer.

Embryo transfer was Day 5, we transferred 2 embryos.

1 embryo was good enough to freeze!

2 weeks later I go in for my pregnancy test by taking blood and later that day we get “THE CALL”…

And heard the words again, “Unfortunately, the IVF did not work this time. Your pregnancy test came back negative.”

My husband and I were sitting together on the couch waiting for the call. After hearing those words again I had to pass the phone (which was on speakerphone) to my husband, I couldn’t talk. Nothing came out of my mouth, only tears started rushing to my eyes and down my face. When he hung up the phone, we both embraced each other, hugging each other tightly for a few moments while we let those words sink in.

We then looked at each other, with tears in our eyes, but we both where at loss for words. All I could think about was how sad I was for my husband – I really wanted this to work, for him to finally be a daddy-to-be, to give him the joy of a child.

At that moment, Tom says to me, “I’m just so sad for you, I really wanted this to happen for you.”

We were thinking the exact same thing, but for each other. I was sad for him, and he was sad for me.

After sharing the news with our families, we sat the rest of the evening in our home, cracked a beer and just talked. I realized to not keep my feelings inside, because he might be feeling the same thing, and we can work through our feelings together.

We now have a little frozen embryo waiting for us. We haven’t decided yet when we will do the frozen embryo transfer just yet (for sure early in 2018). We are trying to decide if we want to go for an additional test that might help determine the best time/day for the embryo transfer for implantation. It’s called a ERA test – Endometrial Receptivity Analysis.

The decision really comes down to money. Do we want to spend an additional $1500 for a test that may or may not help us? If I didn’t have to consider money, it would be no question – of course let’s do it!

Stay tuned!

Here’s to 2018!